Monthly Feldenkrais Workshops -

Learn to reorganise your movement habits

 Each month a 4 hour workshop explores a different theme. Full details follow but the dates are:

October 13 Pelvis, Hips, Lower Back
November 3 Arms, Shoulders, Neck - STERNUM!
December 1 Ankles, Knees, Feet - Balance!

2019: themes TBA
February 16
March 16
April 13
May 11
June 8

Maybe you relate to one of the themes in particular - but any Feldenkrais lesson can provide food for thought. So if you love moving and are curious about it - and want the whole of you to move more easily - any workshop will give you good ideas and a good time. They run on Saturdays at The Friends Meeting House in Penrith.

The workshops use the Feldenkrais approach, which is increasingly validated by new research in neuroscience - “Feldenkrais is not just pushing muscles around, but changing things in the brain itself” says Neuroscientist Karl Pribram M.D. (Stanford University, Winner of the Havel Prize in Neuroscience). Many Feldenkrais practitioners are health professionals, mostly physios and GPs, some scientists in other fields; Feldenkrais himself was an engineer, physicist -  and judo expert. Other practitioners are sports specialists, and performers. Virginia Taylor who is running these workshops is a dance professional, used to training dancers – so, if you like, a racehorse trainer rather than a vet – but trainers know how to keep their charges in good fettle!

These monthly workshops in Penrith offer training in becoming your own movement detective!  Practical, easy, interesting classes – like lateral thinking for bodies - enable you to experience and understand your movement habits and offer you alternative patterns.


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