Stress Busting through Movement                                 


February's Feldenkrais Movement workshop
offers different ways-in to feeling better – a classic Awareness through Movement lesson which calms the nervous system (Il Penseroso = calm you down): another of active easy fun movements which increase suppleness and a sense of ease and wellbeing (L’allegro = cheer you up): and a guided experience of valuing your embodied lived experience, attending with curiosity to your movement.


‘The mental and physical components of any action are …. two aspects of the same thing, like two faces of the same coin’ (Feldenkrais, 2010, pp. 19-20) … ‘movement or its anticipation, is the main preoccupation of our nervous system …Movement is the most concrete of our experiences, and the easiest to access and perceive. ..a change in a movement pattern (the shape, attitude or ‘posture’ of an individual) reflects a change which has come about in the entire nervous system: we work with movement in order to effect such changes in the entire system’.  thanks  for words to http://www.greenspiritresources.com/feldenkrais.html

Feb 11 2014 Tuesday 18.00 -21.45 Kirkby Stephen Town centre venue, call for details
Feb 15 2014 Saturday 10.30 – 14.30 Penrith Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Lane CA11 7TR

Contact www.remindyourbody.co.uk or 0797 796 1563
Virginia Taylor PhD FG(UK).
Booking essential £20 on door - £15 in advance (refund no, ‘exchange’ yes)    

Upcoming workshops: Energy Boosting 15 & 18 March: Practically Perfect Posture 5 & 8 April

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