Are you Sitting Comfortably?   Movement Workshop

TRYING  to ‘sit up straight’ doesn't really work. You get too tired to keep imitating inherited ideas of what you ‘should’ be doing ...  


Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement  uses easy movement to transform how you hold yourself.  This  practical movement  workshop enables you to experience natural ways to stand, sit, and walk.  You will learn to rest tall on the support of your bony framework, breathing easily and allowing your muscles to move you without effort - the essence of 'good posture'.                       

February 27 2016 Saturday 10.30 – 14.30
Penrith Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Lane CA11 7TR   www.feldenkrais.co.uk 0797 796 1563
Virginia Taylor PhD, FG(UK)
Booking essential £21 on door - £16 in advance (refund no, ‘exchange’ yes)

CONTACT ME AND I'LL SEND YOU A NICE AD WITH PICTURES! ( I can't just copy what I've prepared on here ....so I feel rebellious this month .... although doing better than Jan when it seems I failed to post it here at all. Alas!)

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