Feet, Ankles, Breath & Balance - 
Enjoy using movement & focused attention to -
            - improve your proprioception
            - fine tune your balance and mobility
            - recover your confidence

Saturday 12 November 2016   10.30 – 14.30
Penrith Friends Meeting House, CA11 7TR

0797 796 1563  Virginia Taylor PhD, FG(UK)

Booking essential £25 on door - £18 in advance 

The Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement programme reorganises your movement habits using easy movement and focused attention to improve your proprioception and muscle 'recruitment'.

Classes engage the brain’s plasticity to bring about improvements in the body’s comfort and function.

Virginia Taylor PhD is a Feldenkrais practitioner and dance professional. (Re)mindyourbody is a developing social enterprise providing Feldenkrais, dance, arts and health activities, mostly in the north of England

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