Flexible Ribs, Mobile Torso
10 March 2018   Saturday 10.30 – 14.30

Friends/Quaker Meeting House, Meeting House Lane, Penrith CA11 7TR

£25 on door - £18 in advance (refund no, ‘exchange’ yes)
Virginia Taylor 0797 796 1563 or contact through this website

Improve flexibility in ribs, shoulders and upper back with Feldenkrais movement - so you can stand, sit and turn better, breathe more easily and fully, ease back pain, improve your co-ordination and well-being.


Feldenkrais ‘Awareness through Movement’  is organised sequences of easy movement and focused attention, done at your own pace and range. ‘Feldenkrais’ reorganises your movement habits by engaging the brain’s plasticity, and educates your own observation and ability to make improvements in your body’s comfort and function.



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